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Oxygen XML Author is a multi platform Visual XML Editor. Supports visual XML editing driven by CSS
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1 September 2011

Editor's review

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is widely used to share structured data across internet, and it has proved to be developer’s favorite tool for encoding and serializing documents. Thus, developers often look for an adequate XML editor, to build suitable web programs. oXygen XML Author 9.2 is an advanced XML editing application, which is highly recommended for developers. The software can be used as a Visual XML Editor, and it comprises of several key features, including- CSS stylesheets, DITA, DocBook 4/5, TEI P4/P5 and XHTML. It also contains document templates to form XML instances, CSS for WYSIWYG, such as- editing and creating lists, tables and contents.

oXygen XML Author 9.2 is platform independent as it is compatible with different operating systems. It is also termed as Multilanguage supporter. The DITA Maps Manager is similar to the project manager as it allows you to view and edit DITA map files and open topics for editing. There are catalogs for quicker accessing to the resources, for the validation purpose there are schema files, and it even supports scenarios to convert XML to HTML and PDF. To edit the map content, the required features exist at the toolbar, contextual manager menu and drag and drop events. It supports XInclude to present a read only block which can be expanded. The program also includes spell checking, validation, search and replace XPath execution, etc. You can also take out the prints of XML files. Moreover, it supports Unicode and easy configuration for FO processes. Browsing of XML databases using WebDev Connections, handling of CJK text are also improved.

oXygen XML Author 9.2 is an efficient XML editing tool, which includes simplified feature-set. The software is assigned with 4 rating points, for its wide range of features, including XML Editor, XSL / XSLT Editor, XML Schema Editor, XSL / XSLT Refactoring, XQuery, XSL / XSLT Debugger, XML Databases, SVN Client, etc.

Publisher's description

Oxygen XML Author is a cross platform Visual XML Editor. Supports visual XML editing driven by CSS stylesheets with specializations for DITA, DocBook 4 and 5, TEI P4 and P5, XHTML. This support includes document templates for easily creating new XML instances, CSS for WYSIWYG like editing, interface actions for creating and editing lists, tables and marking up specific content, XML Catalogs for faster access to resources, schema files for validation, transformation scenarios to convert from XML to HTML and/or PDF. The DITA Maps Manager allows viewing and editing of DITA map files. It acts also similar with a project manager allowing you to easily open different topics/concepts for editing. The toolbar, the contextual menu and drag and drop actions allow you to easily edit the map content. The XML content included using XInclude or XML entities is presented in place as a read only block that can be collapsed/expanded. With the navigation links support it becomes easy to go from a DITA conref to the referred content, from a DocBook link to the target element or from an XInclude reference to the included content, etc. by just a single click. Hiding the XML markup can have the disadvantage of losing the visual markers (the element tags) between text nodes. Fortunately, Oxygen has a solution for this: the location tooltip combined with the marks from the XML outliner and with the location bar allows you to know at each moment what is the current location in the document. Additionally, there are several levels of display for XML element tags ranging from no tags to full tags. The WYSIWYG like editor was closely integrated in Oxygen as an editor tab called Author next to the Text and Grid editing modes. All the Oxygen powerful editing actions are also available in the Author mode. These include: spell checking, validation, search and replace, XPath execution, etc. Also all side views that Oxygen provides are offering information when editing in Author mode.
oXygen XML Author
oXygen XML Author
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